Saturday, May 26, 2012

Cracker Jacks

I use to love eating Cracker Jacks.  It had nothing to do with the nasty caramel popcorn that nearly broke my teeth on a few occasions, but more to do with the thought that I was going to get a surprise.  Yes, the lame sticker or plastic ring that I would get at the very bottom of the box kept me coming back for more.  I loved the surprise.

Sometimes as a mom, I find that my kids are very much like a bunch of Cracker Jacks!  They are horrible nasty tasting caramel popcorn that ruin my teeth, but right before I want to toss them out… they surprise me. 

I can admit to being a “judger” before having my own kids.  I would see some child throwing a tantrum at the store and I would think to myself that when I had children they would NEVER act that way.  My imaginary kids were going to be perfect. 

The kids I ended up with do not match up with my old visions.  They don’t always listen, they fight and scream, and sometimes they even make me cry.  But right about when I’ve about given up and started to look in my garage for a suitcase, they do something or say something or smile and they end up melting my heart. 

So this morning as I woke up to my kids screaming at each other, my baby screaming from his crib with the smell of his dirty diaper hitting me from ten feet away, my house a mess, the laundry piled up, the husband working another weekend, and my only place to retreat to (the bathroom) got my butt soaked with pee (I hate having a house full of outies sometimes)… I tried to remember that there was going to be a nice surprise soon. 

So here I wait.  Waiting for my nice surprise.  I hope it hurries up.  I need it very bad!

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